Largest Museum In France

Any kid have to remember the following question and answer. What is the name of the largest museum in France? Answer is Louvre The World’s largest Museum is Louvre in Paris as a historic monument. Louvre Museum is the world’s second premier most visited museum, but it still stands for the world largest museum on

Trouville beach

Trouville beach is one of the top and famous beach, stands for the top 10 beaches of France. The main attraction of the seaside is water that is clean with fantastic sand. There are even more things where we get pleasure from playing small golf, golf at Tennis court, outdoor with warmed pool. Water Sports

Omaha Beach

Omaha beach is located in the area of Northern France of Normandy. Omaha beach is also known as Vierville the closest town in Normandy. Omaha beach has great destinations and a huge record during the world war II. Omaha Beach is the second beach among the five Normandy seashores in France. At backside of the

Cassis Beach

Casis is one of the most famous place for the tourists as it attracted to everyone. Cassis is  a tiny beach, but we find numerous of large beaches in Bandol. There are several nude beaches near Cassis,but well known popular nude beach is  La Plage Bleue that is excellent for nudists seashore fans.

Etretat Plage

Etreat Plage is a commune in the Haute- Normandie region in the North- Western of France. This is situated on the Pays De Caux area. The place is excellent for scenery photos and the cliffs are very fantastic at the beach. Come with Good shoes for having a long walk as the beach is cool