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Top 5 places to visit in north west france

There are more places to enjoy in France and these are my top 5 places to visit in north west of France.  Brittany and Normandy are two popular areas in north west of France. 1. Rouen Rouen is the History of capital city of Normandy, and the capital of Haute-Normandie also the largest city of

Top 20 best places to visit in France

These are my collections of places which are rated by the most tourists in 2012, please check them out in the video. 1.Louvre 2. Disneyland 3. Bayeux 4. Eiffel Tower 5. Palace of Versailles 6. Historic Normandy 7.Arc de Triomphe 8. Musse d’Orsay 9. Fontainebleau 10. Hotel des Invalides 11. Luxembourg Gardens 12. Notre Dame