Part 5 of Cycling Tour de France in 2007

This is the 94th Tour De France operating of the competition took place that in 2007 from July 7th to 29. The race started with a fun and ended in Paris.

Part 2 of CyclingTour de France in 1990

The 1990 Trip de France was the 77th version of the Trip de France, going on between 30. The complete competitors range was 21 levels over 3,504 km (2,177 mi). United states Greg LeMond recurring his 1989 success in the entire competitors, becoming a three-time champion despite not successful an specific level, something which has

Part 3 of CyclingTour de France in 2004

The 2004 Tour de France was a multiple stage bicycle race held from 3 July to 25 July 2004, and the 91st edition of the Tour de France. It has no overall … source

Part 6 of CyclingTour de France in 2010

This could be interesting during 2010 year however i was left in watching them apparently i am sharing now to see you all their in 2019 Louvre.

Angry Mistakes in Cycling of Tour De France

Best Cycling Funny Fails/Mistakes & Angry Moments! – Sometimes we get angry over other peoples and sometimes even we do mistakes, but these need to avoid of crying. See in this video how many mistakes has been done by the Cyclists. source

Part 1 of CyclingTour de France in 2003

In 2003 Cycling of Tour De France was too in multiple stages that was took from 5th July to 27 July. In 2003 Cycling Tour De France became for the 90th edition of Tour De France. source

Part 1 of Tour de France in 2001

This is also a multiple stage of bicycle that was held from July 7th to July 29th of 2001. source

Part 1 of Tour de France in 2005

This is similar to part of 2004 that held in 2005 of of July 2nd to July 24th. It also made its 92nd edition of Tour De France. source

Top 5 Cyclists in 2016 of Tour De France

Five of the top Cyclists Finishes Tour De France in 2016, have fun by watching this video. source

Top 10 Best for Tour De France

These are the top 10 people where finishes their cycling fast in Tour De france. source