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Carras Beach

Carras Beach is the dog friendly beach in Nice, Where pets are allotted. The Beach is located nearer to the airport and the beach offers to rent jet Skies.  It is one of the best beach for the disabled access and wheelchairs are offered at this beach.

Calais Beach

Calais Beach is lovely sandy beach that is located in the North West of France. The Beach is clean, widespread as the water is a long way shallow and suitable for small children too. The Beach is pretty close to the Juno Beach and other famous battle beaches. Most kids play ball games at this

Beach Huts in France

The UK is the world’s top country for beaches and beach huts as there are plenty of Beach huts at any beach. The UK is one of my favorite destinations for beaches and France is for museums. In France, too there are beaches and beach huts at some of the exciting places. These are some

Glamping in France

Glamping is the main target world of United kingdom, where people used to spend days under Glamping accommodations on journeying holiday. Glamping is useful for several reasons, travelers hire a Glamping accommodations through the Glamping sites on traveling vacation.Glamping housing are of different kinds and styles, prices. We all feel the difference Glamping tent, home

Windsurfing in France

This is one of my favorite place where I used to play windsurfing in the sky and water.  I was enjoyed in the last summer with a lot of lessons from the windsurfers. Their one could learn how to surf the boating. One cannot loss hopes on learning windsurfing here. Please watch the video for

Top 10 Beaches in France

There are certainly more beaches in France too just like in the United Kingdom. Some of the Top ten beaches are as follows and most of these beaches gets a large number of visitors. 1. Trouville Plage Trouville la Plage is the top best beach of France and having more facilities at this beach. There