Top 10 Best for Tour De France

These are the top 10 people where finishes their cycling fast in Tour De france. source

Watch these Funny Cycling Idiots

What do you think when idiots collides with the peloton cyclists? source

Part 1 of Tour de France in 1997

The 84th of Tour De France in 1997 was held from July 5 to July 27 and this was the largest victory in History. Must watch this video. source

Tour de France from Austria & Giro Rosa

Tour de France from Austria & Giro Rosa at The Cycling Race. This was first time to GCN racing news show and the winners, losers were arranged from the Tour De France. source

Cycling at Loire valley near Paris

Loire valley is one of my favorite spot for cycling also the best place to explore. One must should watchthis video at Loire valley of France, you could reach by train within 2 hours. source

Cobbles Preview Ride in 2018 Tour de France

This is a preview of Tour De France for 2018in the first week. The bikers went upto 22km in 15 stoned areas. source

Cycling at Embassy of Denmark

This was happened in Denmark just like Tour De France and the Prime Minister Danish President of France was there on bike. source

Part 2 of Tour de France in 2004

This is the part 2 of 2oo4 Tour De France that has tidied in multiple stage and it is also the 91st edition of Tour De France The dates were July 3rd to 25th of July 2004. source

Part 1 of Tour de France in 2002

In 2004 Tour de France was held in multiple stage bicycle race from 3 July to 25 July 2004, and the 91st edition of the Tour de France. source

Part 5 of Tour de France in 2006

In 2006 was the 93rd Tour de France, taking place from July 1 to July 23, 2006. It was acquired by Óscar Pereiro following the disqualification. source