Part 1 of Tour de France in 2000

. In 2000 Tour de France been a multiple stage bicycle race held from July 1 to July 23 as well as the 87th edition within the Tour de France source  

Crash of Cycling in 2015

UPDATED: Some crashes from the cycling peloton. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any material used in this video. source

Part 4 of Tour de France in 2000

The 2001 Tour de France was a multiple stage bicycle race held from 7 July to 29 July 2001, and the 88th edition of the Tour de France. source

Part 2 of Tour de France in 2000


Cycling Tour de France Part 5 of 2001

The 2001 Trour De France was a several stage bike competition held from 7 This summer to 29 This summer 2001, and the 88th version of the Trip de France. source

Cycling inside the west coast of France

In the west coast of France an 850 mile cycle tour to the spanish border to Roscoff. source

Tour de France Cyclist Makes Twitter Lose Its SH*T with Photo of Legs

Pawel Poljanski showed the world what kind of toll the famed Tour de France can take on the human body, and the photo he posted of his legs sent the internet … source

Cycling the Pyrenees, Part One: France

Alex finishes a year of teaching English in Spain and takes off on an adventure – riding his bike 1500 km from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and back through … source

Bordeaux to Basque | Cycle Touring | France & Spain | Chapter 2

Cycling and wild camping from the wonderful flat lands of France to the big hills of Northern Spain. Rob falls off, Rob gets lost, Rob farts. source

Girl on .France’s ‘La Loire à Vélo

‘La Loire à Vélo’ is a riding a bike path which extends 600km along you desire France’s lengthiest stream, from Cuffy, near Nevers, to St Brévin-les-Pins on the Ocean source