Top 5 attractions in France 2013

We had been previously described some of the exciting places in France and now I am writing some top 5 attractions in France 2013 that you must visit in next three months that is close to end of the year. These are my top 5 favorite places that visited long back and still remains an

Top 5 Cruises in France

France is always a big destination for lovers, and honey moon too. France has lots of attractions where people enjoy Holidays. Cruise is the popular transport from France to another location. Traveling in Cruise is good, but if you enjoy the problems of Sea water and coolness, then it is simple because it goes for

Museums in Barr

Barr was originally located in the Alsace department of north astern France. The mayor was Gilbert Scholly at that time the population was more than 10,000 as of good city. Barr was originally the imperial property of France 1. Musée du Cristal Musee Du Cristal is situated in the Bas-Rhin department of France. The museum

Top 5 Hotels in Chateu de chambord

Chateau De Chambord is one of the popular chateaux in the world because of it’s renaissance architecture. The chateau was located in the Chambord France, that’s why it is called as Chateau De Chambord. Chateau de Chambord is the largest chateau in the Loire valley of France. The building was completed by King Francois I,

Cycling Sports News

Cycling is the sports of France where we all enjoy as fans or cycle racers too. I hope everyone should feel some happiness in their life by seeing to these racers. Tomorrow  is the another schedule in France for cycling races. The stages Stage Type Date Start and Finish Distance Details 1 En ligne Friday 30 August

Maeght Foundation Museum

Maeght foundation museum was founded by Marguerite and Aime Maeght. The museum is located in the South France of Saint-Paul de Vence and far away 26 km from Nice. It was inaugurated in the year of 1964 24th July by André Malraux. The Foundation includes with numerous collections of 20th century artists. Some of the

Camping at Corsica

Camping at Corsica is an excellent place to enjoy holidays. Corsica is located in the Mediterranean sea and Island of France with it is a capital city of Ajaccio. Corsica Island is also called as Ile de Beaute. Corsica is situated to the south east of France and east to the west of Italy and

Top 3 stadiums in France

France contains more stadiums and these all are big compare to other countries, in the past I described about top 10 stadiums, but now Top 3 greatest stadiums, also the facts of these stadiums. Tourists are able to know why we need to visit this stadiums and when to visit. Matches are going on, and

Camping in France

Camping season starts from June to September are the months in France, and the rest of the months shall be closed in most areas of France. My advise is to use municipal Camping sites are cheaper, from 4 to 10€ for 2 people and 2 to 6€ for single person. Security is not a big

Glamping in France

Glamping is the main target world of United kingdom, where people used to spend days under Glamping accommodations on journeying holiday. Glamping is useful for several reasons, travelers hire a Glamping accommodations through the Glamping sites on traveling vacation.Glamping housing are of different kinds and styles, prices. We all feel the difference Glamping tent, home